Travelling Parents need not to worry – for now!


The department of Home affairs has backed sown on the short-notice announcement of new travel regulations for parents travelling with kiddies.

The amendment to the Immigration Act regulation 6 states that anyone travelling to or from South Africa with children under the age of 18, have to be in possession of a fully unabridged birth certificate, in addition to a valid passport by 1 July 2014.

According to a reporter on 94.5KFM, a spokesperson from the department of home affairs said that they have taken the upcoming school holidays into account, and decided to move the deadline for the regulation to the end of September 2014.

CEO of Asata, Otto de Vries and quoted by news24, recently said “Our understanding is that until recently unabridged birth certificates were not issued automatically and that people have to apply for them. This can be a lengthy process, and this is a major concern for our travellers”

He then went on to state that the organisation recognised the need for the ruling of this regulation, to try curb the global issue of child trafficking. He also added that Asata was concerned about the implications for the industry if it was implemented immediately, as the school holidays were only days away.

Asata then went on to mention that it was working other associations within the business and travel industry to engage with the relevant government bodies to have this new regulation delayed, so as to allow the industry to put the necessary requirements in place.

Asata advises all future passengers who will be travelling with children, to take note of the regulation and to ensure that the necessary action is taken to avoid disappointment and delays in their travel plans.


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