All the wrong and right travel advice…

Live in the moment

So all the great advice you receive from different websites, protective friends and both sets of parents before you travel… It’s more than likely sticking to the safe side of life. We’re going to tell you to do the complete opposite!

1. Talk to strangers

Talk about where to go for dinner, for directions to the least tourist ridden part of town, or where the local sports pub is. Don’t go overboard and hand out your personal details to strangers, but rather strike up a conversation with someone you don’t know.

2. Be completely selfish

– with your time that is. Hate art galleries? then don’t go! Want to avoid the picturesque palace every website tells you to go see to rather spend more time with your new friend? Do it! Indulge yourself. Just because you’re travelling with relatives or friends doesn’t mean you need to follow the itinerary your beloved  mother created.

3. Adventure on your own

Get out your comfort zone and experience a day on your own. Make time to eat a meal by yourself, find a friendly local willing to show you the sites, or do an excursion that’s just for you to relax.

4. Embrace crowds

Crowds usually mean that there’s something exciting happening. Follow the crowd to what could be a major demonstration or just a cool street performance.

5. Take your phone everywhere

Only because you never know the random spot that will have WiFi so you can upload your insane photo’s onto Instagram or Skype your mates to show them the cool part of the city you’re in.

6. Use local transport

If you’re travelling by taxi – chances are you are paying way too much and probably missing some incredible sights you didn’t even know existed. You’ll be exposed to so much more but you will also probably find cool streets to come back to.

7. Lose track of time

Forget to look at your watch so you get the chance to actually enjoy your holiday. You’re in a new place, surrounded by foreign people and places – take the time to learn more about the local culture and customs. Don’t keep looking at your watch – just relax and have fun!

8. Forget about ‘exercise’

Don’t wake up early to try fit in a quick training session in your hotel gym – if you going to run, run around the city on the hunt for exciting travel apps that can help you navigate where you are. Hike the cliffs of the city, meditate in the gardens, or simply take a stroll down town. Either one of the options are way better then staring at the TV while on the treadmill.

9. Don’t buy gifts

No one remembers that corny keychain or silly T-shirt you got them. Instead explore the Tuscan countryside with your partner, retrace the steps of pilgrimage your mother did when she went to Europe or collect local recipes for your family to try out.

10. Be in the moment

You’re in a different city! Doing things a lot of people may never get the chance to do! The great thing about cities – you get to stroll through them free of charge! So when a local is offering some weird food that (judging that it looks safe to eat) eat it! Don’t just walk past the man sitting on the floor playing his guitar or the young members of a crew trying to dance for money – stop and appreciate everything!


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