Cape Town hits TripAdvisor’s top 10 cheapest cities to visit

Cape Town

TripAdvisor‘s annual TripIndex Cities survey compares the cost of an evening out, including an overnight stay at 48 tourist cities.

To determine which locations could be the most affordable, it calculates the typical cost for a meal for two at an exclusive fine dining establishment (with wine), two cocktails, two taxis to the airport and a one night stay in a four star hotel between June and August.

TripAdvisor spokesperson James Kay mentioned that  this year’s results show that Asian destinations are currently the most affordable, while European destinations still top the most expensive list.

The Top 10 affordable cities according the the TripAdvisor requirements:

1. Hanoi, Vietnam came in at R1 687.23 for the night.

2. Jakarta, Indonesia came in at R1 748.13 for the night.

3. Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt came in at R1 760.09 for the night.

4. Bangkok, Thailand came in at R1 789.15 for the night.

5. Sofia, Bulgaria came in at R2 069.96 for the night.

6. Cape Town, South Africa came in at R2 101.42 for the night.

7. Mumbai, India came in at R2 104.37 for the night.

8. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia came in at R2 158.47 for the night.

9. Prague, Czech Republic came in at R2 181.10 for the night.

10. Budapest, Hungary came in at R2 209.80 for the night.


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