10% Tourism Levy Boost


The KwaZulu-Natal Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs plan to introduce a 10% tourism levy from next year, April.

This is in aid to boost the marketing of KZN for tourism as well as to try attract major events.

The levy which is currently sitting at 1%, is collected from accommodation venues, restaurants, car rental and tour-booking companies. This then contributes towards SA tourism’s international marketing of the country.

An example of how patrons would be affected by the boost is when 10% would be added for the levy onto the original price paid for a meal in a restaurant. This money will then got to SA tourism for marketing that focused mainly on KZN.

Spokesman for the Federated Hospitality Association of South East Coast, Charles  Preece, went on to admit that they had not received a proposal and that commenting about it now would be premature.

James Vos, DA tourism spokesman, said that they were against the initiative, as they believe that levies must be uniform and standardizes.

He then went onto mention that KZN must use the funds from the existing system to develop tourism infrastructure, instead of increasing tourism levies.

At the latest annual meeting for the 2013 financial year, Tourism Levy South Africa chairman Franco Jordaan announced that the levy contributed R104-million to South African Tourism.

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