2014 Bunny Chow Barometer competition

Rumour has it – it’s that time of year again where Durban’s best curry dens battle it out to determine who has the best bunny… By that I mean not literally a fluffy little rabbit – a bunny chow.

A bunny chow (commonly known as a bunny) is a South African fast food dish consisting of a hollowed out loaf of bread filled with a curry of your choice.

Assumptions have been made that the Bunny originates from Durban and dates back to 1940. Stories of the origin of this infamous dish date as far back as the migrant Indian workers arrival in South Africa.  Another assumption suggests that when the Indian migrant workers from India came to work on the sugar cane fields in KZN, they required an easier way of carrying their lunches to the field, a hallowed out loaf of bread was their choice to transport their veg curry. Eventually meat based bunny chows became popular.

The bunny chow is extremely popular in the Durban area. Commonly filled with curries using traditional Indian recipes with a choice of mutton or lamb, chicken, broad beans or chips with gravy. A bunny chow is often served with a side portion of grated carrot, chilli and onion sambals (salad/topping). One of the best parts of a bunny is when the gravy of the curry soaks into the walls of the bread, thereby rounding the delicious dish with a fusion of flavours and textures.

A bunny chow can come in a quarter, half and full loaf of bread. Bunny chows are commonly eaten using the fingers, it is very unusual to see locals use utensils when eating this dish. Prices vary from place to place but generally range from R10 for a beans bunny and R40 for a mutton bunny.

This Sunday, 07 September 2014, the Bunny Chow Barometer competition will be held on the south bank of the Umgeni River, just above Blue Lagoon at 10am.  This is where the top 10 finalists of Durban’s Best Bunnies get to pull out their gloves and battle it out to determine who has the best bunny and the public will get the chance to sample some of the BEST bunnies in Durban (Probably South Africa).


Here’s a clip of how to make a bunny chow (If you still completely confused on what it is)


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