The Ice Rink

Built in 1955, the Durban Ice Rink has been entertaining the young at heart for decades.  This venue offers a great range of recreational skating activities for you and the family to enjoy.  Whether it’s enjoying a weekend skating session, or learning to skate at one of the clubs, Durban Ice Rink caters for everyone.

The Durban Ice Rink plays host to numerous events, ranging from birthdays, team building and school excursions to group bookings and sporting events.

Group and Party Bookings

Group or party bookings can be made for any of the regular skate session times.  However, there are some evening slots that have been allocated specifically for group or party bookings.

Birthday packages include face painters, a clown, “learn to skate” lessons and meal options for the kids, as well as snack platters for the parents.

School Excursions:

The Durban Ice Rink now offers a great opportunity for school excursions where you can enjoy a day’s outing learning and having fun at the same time.  This school excursion package only runs during the school term from Mondays to Thursdays.  It includes an educational walk through the Ice Rink where the history and technical aspects of the rink are explained to students.  This is followed by an awesome ice skating lesson and then a skating session for the kids to show the teachers what they have learnt.


Team Building:

Broomball is the ultimate activity for team building outings!  Similar to ice-hockey, broomball is played on ice but without skates – and with brooms and a soccer ball instead of a puck and sticks.

The team splits up into 2 teams with 6 players aside. The objective of broomball is to score more points than your opponents by sweeping the soccer ball into their net.

Each game lasts approximately 40 minutes, which consists of two halves of 20 minutes, with a little added time for a team strategy talk during half-time.

View here for more details on booking information:

5D Cinema

A new and exciting creation is coming to the Durban Ice Rink – a 5D Cinema. Hold onto your seat as it shakes, tilts, rotates, vibrates and turns.  Feel the wind on your skin, a tickle on your legs or  water vapour as it sprays on your face. The soon-to-be 5D cinema will certainly be a feast for your senses.

Shows will include varieties for families, children and teenagers – with short clips lasting from 4 – 6 minutes. Operating hours will be from 09h30 to 22h00 daily with a new feature showing every 15 minutes.

Spectators are always welcome so, if skating on ice is not for you, take a seat in the grand stand and nibble on some snacks from the shop while snapping photos for the family.

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