Alfredo’s Review

When staying at Lake View Cabanas, or ideally anywhere in St Lucia, you have to take some time out and enjoy a delicious Italian meal at Alfredo’s.

Alfredo’s is a small family run restaurant that was established in 2000. While you can either dine inside or outside, it is definitely recommended to take a seat on the outside terrace that looks over the ever blue swimming pool of Lake View Cabanas.

Get ready to be greeted by warm, friendly smiles from the staff at the restaurant as well as the locals who enjoy their daily pint in the bar. While they are an Italian restaurant, their specialties don’t stop there; they also offer a variety of other dishes ranging from veal, fresh fish and chicken to a delicious and rather traditional South African potjie and oxtail.

It certainly doesn’t stop there, service all round is superb and your meal – no matter what you opt for will be delicious. We definitely were swayed to test the Alfredo, simply because of this being a typical Italian dish and we wanted to taste their spin-off on the dish. While the price is quite standard, the offering that you are served is more than generous. This well presented meal was more than delicious. The hints of herbs and garlic compliment the rest of the dish absolutely perfectly. While taking each bite it will feel like you are being transported to a side street café in Italy. You will certainly not be disappointed by this dish.

With the meals being very generous, there was no room to feast out on dessert, however rumour has it their Tiramisu is to die for.

Their times of opening vary each day so give them a call on 035 590 1150 or just pop in and try out one of their meals – you certainly won’t be disappointed that’s for sure!

buon appetito!

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