St Lucia Crock & Hippo Cruises

The “Advantage” double-decker passenger ferry is the most comfortable way to get up-close and personal with hippos, crocs and numerous bird species along the St Lucia Estuary. The ferry is large, with enough space for the enthusiastic photographer to “chase” his prey from the safety of the deck for that ultimate snapshot. Equipped with silent eco-friendly running engines, the Advantage ferry ambles along at a walking speed to allow you to take in the tranquil scenery of St. Lucia at a relaxed pace.

The Advantage ferry takes you along the shoreline of Lake St Lucia, the largest Estuarine System in South Africa, and the tour duration is approximately 2 hours. Be prepared to see herds of hippo’s basking and lazing around without a care while crocodiles camouflage on the banks of the lake.

The skippers on the ferry will undoubtedly answer every question you might have, show you amazing sights and also give you interesting facts and information about the magnificent estuarine system.

Here is a list of some interesting facts you will be able to learn about on the cruise:

  • There are approximately 1000 Nile crocodiles in the lake, so spotting one should be fairly easy. The female crocodiles generally nest on a sandbank on the high water mark where they will lay approximately 50 eggs at a time. During the incubation, the female croc will stay close by and help the little ones hatch by cracking their eggs with her teeth.
  • A hippo can reach a grand total of 1100kg and they generally move in herds of 10 to 20 hippos. During the day they tend to stay basking in the water while at night they venture inland in search of food.
  • It is estimated that there are about 100 different fish species that utilize the St Lucia estuary as a nursery.
  • The oldest living species on the planet, the Coelacanth, is found in the deep waters off the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park.
  • The St. Lucia Wetland Park supports approximately 367 different bird species in 11 major habitats. One third of these species are water birds.


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