10 Ways to tell you are in South Africa

Every country is unique and this month we are taking some time to appreciate the ways in which you know you are in South Africa without consulting your GPS.

Apart from the favourable exchange rate, many visitors to our shores are blown away by the friendliness of our people, the amazing scenery and many of the things we take for granted, such as having someone to help you park, and look after your car while you shop.

Here are ten ways to tell you are in South Africa…


You know you are in South Africa when...People refer to each other in familiar terms – Auntie, Uncle, Boet, Gogo and Tata are common terms not just reserved for your close relatives but anyone who meets the minimum requirements relating to gender or age.


You know you are in South Africa when...Hadedas – these birds have taken a can’t-beat them-join-them approach to civilisation, and are supremely adapted to surviving alongside humans, all over South Africa. This they advertise in raucous terms anytime from 5am, with the loud call for which they are named.


You know you are in South Africa when...Take a look around the shops for Ouma rusks, Mrs Balls Chutney, Monkeygland Sauce, Jungle Oats, Shisha Nyama spice and Marmite, for a taste of home – you won’t find these products in the grocery stores of other countries.


You know you are in South Africa when...Hardly any snow, ever, and no double glazing on the windows or centrally-heated buildings – South Africa is the land of sunshine, after all.


You know you are in South Africa when...Paying rock-bottom prices for the some of the world’s best wines. SA wines are regarded ‘the best fine wine for your money’ by the Wall Street Journal.


You know you are in South Africa when...Multi-lingual sentences. Our communication, just like our National Anthem, rarely restricts itself to just one language and you may hear Afrikaans, Zulu and English in one sentence at any time. Think ‘Ja’, ‘Yebo’ and ‘lekker’.


You know you are in South Africa when...You can purchase goods at the robots (which are incidentally called traffic lights everywhere else in the world) or from a table placed randomly on the sidewalk.


You know you are in South Africa when...Rugby, cricket and soccer, anywhere, anytime. Sports are ingrained in our national consciousness and children of all races start playing ball as soon as they can catch, let alone walk.


You know you are in South Africa when...Pulling up to the petrol station (gas station elsewhere) and being served by an attendant. Everywhere else, you fill up your own tank.


You know you are in South Africa when...

Any excuse is adequate to revert to primitive cooking methods (braaiing) involving large amounts of meat such as boerewors, sosaties, skilpaadjies and a side of pap/putu (maize meal).

These are just a few of the quirks of this place we call home, come and explore South Africa with Flexi Club and see how many more you can discover.

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