Let’s Get Interstellar

This winter we’re taking it back to basics, and by basics we mean – turn the TV off, log off Facebook or Twitter and head outdoors and make a date with the universe. Luckily for us, Mother Nature is always available, any time of the day – it’s our prerogative in today’s modern age of technology to take the time to remember that the real pleasures in life lie in the simplest things, like looking up, and counting the stars.

As it happens, winter time is the best time of year for star gazing and with Flexi Club we have some of the best placed properties to enjoy the best of the starry night sky, including:

  1. Qwantani – perched on the banks of the picturesque Sterkfontein Dam
  2. Desert Rose – found on the shores of Henties Bay, Namibia
  3. Bushman’s Nek – nestled in the heart of Underberg
  4. Hole in the Wall – tucked away in a private bay on the Wild Coast
  5. Waterberry Hill – overlooking the verdant Mpumalanga lowveld

The modern technology of today’s era does have its uses though, and if you are a star gazing enthusiast, these are some of the best apps on the market to help you pin-point your favourite constellations which only make an appearance in the winter months…

On your next holiday at one of the above properties, don your winter woollies and see how many of the below constellations, that will only make an appearance this autumn and winter, you can find…

Bootes ConstellationCancer ConstellationCrater ConstellationHydrus ConstellationLeo ConstellationVirgo Constellation

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