Why you should spend your money on travel and not things.

Believe it or not, recent studies prove that money can buy you happiness – if you spend it wisely.

An expensive diamond or fancy car can indeed put a sparkle in your eye initially, but that glimmer soon wears off.  We eventually become accustomed to our possessions and start to take them for granted.

Happy memories are a gift that keeps on giving, whenever it comes to mind. Think about it…

  • Material goods decrease in value over time, a happy experience is priceless, and thus cannot.


  • If you don’t spend money on doing new things, you will never find out what truly ignites your passion and sense of purpose.

Soweto Towers

  • Travel introduces you to different perspectives on life and alternative ways of seeing things, by exposing you to a wider pool of cultures and beliefs.


  • There are lots of things you can’t learn from the internet or a book – such as the thrill of gliding down a ski slope, or coming fact to face with a lion on a game walk.


  • You can’t purchase positive feelings of excitement or relaxation, but you can experience them on a holiday, at a sporting event, at a concert, or learning a new skill.

Aliwal Shoal

  • Happy experiences make you a more grateful, accepting and generally happier person.


So if you want more bang for your buck – spend your money on enriching your life and not your list of assets.  You belong to a species that thirsts for meaningful experiences – embrace it!

“Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.” — Paulo Coelho

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