Good to know: top tips for Matric Rage

Matric Rage

If you are a first-time parent with a teen that is hot on the heels of celebrating at Matric Rage this year, here are a few good-to-know tips for the best peace of mind during this time…

  • Get them a Rage Passport
    A Rage Festival Passport, ranging in price from R650 for a Rage Reunion Passport to R2,750 for a Rage Black Passport, gives access to all main stage events and free or cheaper access to after parties and shuttle transport. If your teen plans to party for more than five days, this is a better option than paying for individual entries. The biggest plus is that Passport wristbands are swiped at each venue, automatically updating your teen’s Facebook status, making it easier for them to find friends if they get separated, and for parents to track where they are.
  • Think Ahead
    Your teen may be offered illicit and dangerous substances, therefore it is important to explain the heavy risk and implications of accepting any of these and being caught by law enforcement who do patrol the area. A drug record will seriously limit their future travel prospects, as many countries deny entrance to visa applicants with criminal records.

Matric Rage

  • Spiking Happens
    Along with the being offered drugs and other substances, the spiking of drinks is a reality during this time. Although not a common occurrence, it is still important to drive home the point of keeping an eye on their drinks, as well as their friends, perhaps promoting going to the toilet together, and seeking assistance the instant one of them feels unwell.
  • Get the App
    Get your teen to download the Rage Festival app, free for Android and iPhone users. It lists emergency numbers in the unlikely event that something may go wrong, and also includes all the necessary event, entertainment and transport information.
  • Check in
    Arrange with your teen to ‘check in’ with you at least once a day if not by calling, then by message – purely for your peace of mind.
  • Stay Put
    Ensure you know where your teen is staying at all times, and if they change accommodation, it must be stressed that they inform you.
  • The Red Frog Safety Net
    Look out for the Red Frogs, the legendary support network that safeguards Rage revellers. They provide free pancakes, hand out water outside clubs to keep teens hydrated, and will even assist in walking them home for free. Save their number: 060 733 3764 or 060 REDFROG.

Matric Rage

Flexi Club has some excellent accommodation in Durban and up the North Coast.  Why not book for your teen to stay at one of our resorts and know that they will be well looked after.

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