10 Things You Might Not Know About Cape Town…

One of the most popular destinations for locals and international tourists alike is Cape Town. Here at Flexi Club, we have a number of resorts from which to choose. Here are a few fun facts about Cape Town to read before you visit!

1. Cape Town is the tobogganing capital of South Africa
If you have ever watched the movie Cool Runnings, you will know exactly what tobogganing is and how much fun you can have on a toboggan! Cape Town is home to Africa’s only tobogganing, situated just 25km outside of the city centre on Carl Cronje Drive.

2. Two couples get hitched on Table Mountain every month
The Seventh Natural Wonder of the World is the most visited site in South Africa and one on which many couples have tied the knot over recent years. What could be more romantic than those panoramic views as your photo backdrop? We’re guessing, not much!

Cape Town3. Cape Town snatched the top spot as the “best place in the world to visit” by the New York Times in 2014
The Mother City has racked up some serious awards in the last few years: the pretty city was named the best place in the world to visit by The New York Times, and was also appointed the World Design Capital 2014, an award which is only bestowed every two years.

Along with this…

4. Sea Point swimming pool was named one of the top ten swimming pools in the world.
Appointed by British publication, The Guardian.

Castle of Good Hope5. The Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town is the oldest building in South Africa.
Built between 1666 and 1679 by the Dutch East India Company, the castle exists today exists as a ceremonial base for Cape regiments of the South African Defence Force. Tales also abound about the castle being haunted!

6. Lion’s Head is not home to felines
Interestingly, Lion’s Head does not take its name from being host to some of Africa’s big cats. It is known that 17thcentury Dutch settlers named the peak Leeuwen Kop (Lion’s Head) and its adjacent summit Leeuwen Staart (Lion’s Tail), which is known as Signal Hill today. It was thought that the space between the two peaks is suggestive of a crouching lion. In fact, it is said that Lion’s Head has not seen a lion in over 200 years!

V & A Waterfront7. V&A Waterfront for the win!
The V&A Waterfront, in the historic heart of Cape Town’s working harbour, is the most visited destination in South Africa, ahead of Table Mountain

8. Afrikaans ranks in first place 
Despite being one of the youngest languages in the world, Afrikaans is the most widely spoken tongue in the Western Cape, with isiXhosa and English racking up second and third places.


9. The Cape Floral Kingdom rules
This floral kingdom claims nearly 7000 plants found nowhere else in the world. Spanning 90,000 square km, it is the smallest and richest recognised floral area on the planet.

10. We’re all young here!
As per the last national census report, almost half of the Western Cape’s population is below the age of 25. Seems South Africa has located its fountain of youth!

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