5 Things to leave at home when packing for a holiday

Your holiday is booked and you’re eagerly anticipating a bit of well deserved down time. Whether your vacation involves soaking up the sun on the beach, hiking in the brisk mountain air, or exploring fascinating foreign cities on foot, you need to think carefully about what to take with you.

When packing for a holiday many people end up putting in way too much stuff “just in case” they need it. Shrewd vacation packing involves cutting out a lot of the clutter, leaving you with the essentials that you need to really enjoy your holiday without the hassle of heavy bags (and the airport penalties that go with them).

So, without further ado, here are 5 things not to take on holiday:

Too many shoes

Shoes are heavy and bulky, making for a vacation packing nightmare. Honestly, do you really need to take a pair of shoes for every day of the week? Our advice is to take only 2 or 3 pairs on holiday. Wear the heaviest or bulkiest while travelling and pack the rest.

Speaking of shoes, make sure that the pairs you choose are comfortable and worn in, especially if your holiday plans involve a lot of walking and sight seeing. If you’ve booked a beach holiday, 2 pairs of sandals should suffice.


Heirlooms and valuables

You may wear great grandma’s ruby ring every day of your life, but you’d be devastated if it went missing while you were on holiday. While holiday insurance will pay out for the financial value of items that are lost or stolen on vacation, heirlooms with sentimental value are irreplaceable. So leave them at home.

You should also limit the number of electronic devices that you take with you. Your smartphone and an e-reader for the plane are more than enough. You really don’t need your laptop or iPad on holiday.


Non-essential toiletries

Airports have some serious restrictions on the amount of liquid that you can carry in your luggage, so consider reducing your toiletries. Your holiday packing essentials should only include toiletries that you really, really can’t live without and that you don’t think you will be able to purchase at your destination. Unless you’re travelling to an extremely far flung part of the world, chances are you’ll be able to buy shampoo and conditioner from the hotel shop when you arrive.

Decant liquid toiletries into special 100ml travel bottles. Store all your toiletries and make up in sealed ziplock bags to avoid leaking if the bottles are damaged by cabin pressure changes.

Books, books and more books

Gone are the days when holiday reading meant a separate bag devoted to a pile of heavy paperbacks. If you don’t have an e-reader, consider investing in one. That way, you have something to read on the plane or while lounging on the beach that is lightweight and gives you access to so many more book choices than you could ever pack in your suitcase.

All of your keys

Even if you are super careful, the fact is that things can and do go missing on vacation. If your bag was stolen, and it contained the keys to every door of your home, your car keys, your office keys, your safe keys etc… it would be a complete disaster. The only keys that you need are those that are essential to getting you home once your vacation is over. If you’re travelling by car, you just need your car keys and your front door key. If you’re travelling by plane, take a shuttle to the airport and just pack your house key. Leave all other keys with a trusted friend for the duration of your holiday.

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