Road trip snacks for a happy, healthy drive

Flying may be quick and easy, but for many families, nothing says ‘holiday’ quite like a good old-fashioned road trip. If you’re travelling for a few hours to your destination, chances are at some point, someone is going to get hungry. Plus, kids and grown-ups alike tend to snack when bored, making padkos a must.

You can fill up on sugary junk food and unhealthy take-out (and face the consequences of hyper children and stressed parents) or you can take note of our healthy road trip snack ideas for happy travelling. The best road trip food doesn’t involve cooking or even a lot of time spent in the kitchen. It’s all about providing a variety of easy eats that satisfy hunger and minimise boredom.

Packing your snacks

  • Buy some inexpensive, stackable plastic containers with lids. You’ll save space by removing snacks from their packaging and you can easily stack and store the boxes when they’re empty.
  • Make sure you pack a couple of plastic grocery bags to use for rubbish such as juice cartons and fruit peels.
  • Don’t forget roller towel, wet wipes and hand sanitizer for sticky fingers and accidental spills.


Fruit and veggies

Ditch the chip packet and opt for fruit and veggie snacks that offer the same kind of ‘hand to mouth’ satisfaction without the high salt and preservative content. Choose fruit that is not messy to eat and keeps well in a humid car such as seedless grapes, naartjie’s, raisins and dried fruit. Veggies such as snap peas, celery and carrot sticks also make great snacks, especially combined with home-made guacamole (mashed avocado).

Seeds and nuts

Also great for boredom snackers who like to eat by the handful, nuts are crunchy and delicious, and a super source of protein. Mix different kinds of nuts in a bag – peanuts, almonds, cashews, macadamias – with some sunflower seeds. Add raisins for a little healthy sweetness.


Biltong and dry wors

If you’re going on a South African holiday, you need the ultimate South African snack. High in protein, easy to eat and so yummy… biltong is ideal for road trips. Pack a variety of sliced biltong, large chunks and wors to suit everyone’s tastes. A stick of biltong is also a wonderful way to keep a teething baby happy and occupied during a long drive.


A lunch box favourite, yoghurt is also an awesome, healthy snack for a road trip. Buy drinking yoghurt rather than tubs, so that you don’t have to worry about spoons.

Fruit juice and water

A long, hot day cooped up in a car is thirsty work. Try not to be tempted by fizzy drinks. Apart from the sugar overload, carbonated drinks can make everyone feel uncomfortable and bloated. Instead, pack lots of bottled water and fruit juice in individual cartons if the kids want something sweet.



If you’re planning to leave home very early in the morning, bake some muffins the night before so you can have breakfast on the go. Opt for home-made rather than buying from the grocery store, as these can be quite heavy on the stomach.

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