Travel technology: the best of gadgets and apps for your holiday

There’s no doubt about it, we live in a tech world. For most of us, going on holiday is a great time to unwind and escape a little from the crazy pace of life that is fuelled by technology. However, technology has its place on holiday if used wisely – take a look at these gadgets and apps that can make your vacation easier, safer and a little more fun:

Safer driving with the Hudway app

Going on a road trip, and expecting poor visibility? Hudway is a free travel app that takes ordinary GPS to the next level by turning your windshield into a wide screen projection of the road ahead. The app is fantastic to use when driving at night, or during heavy rain or foggy conditions, supplying you with a visual of curves in the road, accurate distances and voice over alerts for dangerous turns and intersections. Hudway works using either Apple Maps or Google maps and is easy to use: simply load the app, input your destination and place your smartphone on your dashboard.

Hudway is available for both Apple and Android devices – download for free from the App Store and Google Play.


Turn your holiday snaps into postcards

Instant messaging is great and all for keeping in touch, but there’s something special about snail mail postcards that everyone loves. Postagram is a super fun holiday app that turns your favourite photos into personalised postcards for your friends and family back home. Featuring lots of pre-made layouts, Postagram allows you to use your photos from Facebook, Instagram and your camera roll to create unique postcards, which are then actually printed and posted to your loved ones anywhere in the world via the app.

Postagram is available for both Apple and Android devices – download for free from the App Store and Google Play.

Get a GoPro for adventure holidays

If you love to capture every single moment, then consider the GoPro camera as a must-have holiday investment. The GoPro is the king of adventure holiday gadgets when it comes to making vacation memories on video. It’s effortless to use, and its rugged design and attachments such as body straps and waterproof cases mean that it can safely be used in any environment – from water sports to playing on the beach to mountain climbing.


Take better pictures with a selfie stick

You may feel ridiculous using it, but the fact is, a selfie stick is a great gadget to take on holiday. You’re guaranteed that you will end up with photos that you like, and that are well framed to actually include the background. Plus you avoid the awkwardness of asking strangers to take your picture and being unhappy with the results.

Don’t get caught with low battery charge

If the thought of going without your phone for a day makes you want to break out into a cold sweat,  then be sure to include a couple of portable chargers that can be used to charge devices even when there is no electricity. If you’re travelling by road, taking a car charger along for the ride is also a good idea. Finally, if you’re going overseas, make sure that you have the correct converter plugs for your chargers (as well as other electrical devices).


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