Year-End Checklist


We’re all looking forward to the end of the year for one reason or another! From spending cherished moments with family and friends, to getting up to your own devices, the holidays are always interesting and entertaining!

In the lead-up to the crazy season here are some ideas, to get you ahead with all of your planning, which will make your holidays that much more memorable (for the right reasons)!

Love or hate it, why not get your health up before indulging on delicious homemade food and rich holiday meals. Enjoying a piece of fruit to start your day, drinking lots of water and even just doing some moderate exercise (when you can fit it in!) are all great ways to boost and revitalise your health.


With the year coming to an end, we’re all running out of time to tick off those goals that we (ambitiously) created for ourselves at the beginning of the year. Maybe you wanted to spend more weekends on the beach, buy certain furniture or organise your filing – well now is the time! Just remember that an amazing holiday awaits you at the end of it all.

We all know that holidays don’t just happen and that tonnes of planning is required for a smooth experience. With time in hand, get ahead on your planning by creating a to-do list and enjoy getting things organised one step at a time. This way you will avoid panic and unpleasant experiences over the holidays from things that could otherwise have gone wrong.


Organise care for your children:
If you aren’t planning to travel with your children, now is the time to see which family or friends would love to host them while you are away. Kiddies often love the different routine that comes with staying at someone else’s house and even having different sandwiches packed into their lunchbox for school. If you are travelling with kiddies, arranging a nanny now to allow you to have a later than usual dinner or a day spent doing extreme activities like skydiving, without worrying about your children’s safety and happiness, is a must.

Book animals into homes or kennels:
On the same theme of getting organised, and truly being an early bird at this time of year, you have the option of booking your pets into other people’s homes – if you are not a fan of leaving your fur-babies in a kennel! This service is growing in popularity but most pet-homes have a very small capacity so book now for your pets to be pampered while you are away.


Set up out of office mailers:
Small things like setting autoresponders and changing your voice message can help you to avoid losing any business while saving you hassles on your travels.

Inform your neighbours that you are going away:
If you don’t trust your security company enough to keep an eye on your home while you are away, tell your neighbours just so they can keep an eye on things for you. Really great neighbours might even water your pot plants if you ask nicely.


Service your car, check your tyres or do wheel alignment before long drives:
This is a big one! Before a long road-trip, ensure that your car is safe and road-worthy. Getting this out of the way also gives you one less thing to do in the new year.

Spring clean:
For those with a spring in their step (please excuse the pun), there is no better way to head into the silly season than with a house or car or even garden which has been well-maintained – leaving you much less to do once life gets back to normal in the new year.


Making special requests and early bookings:
Little details can make for great memories. Whatever your next trip requires to be that much more enjoyable, why not make arrangements in advance so that a real treat is waiting for you? This tip is great for special birthdays and anniversaries (who doesn’t love rose petals around your bed or bath 😉 but thoughtful requests can make any holiday more memorable. Some top restaurants are already fully booked until 2018 so don’t delay! Great ideas include booking spa treatments at a La Vita Spa, buying tickets to a live music or sporting event or even arranging a microlight flight around the beautiful destination that you have chosen to visit.

Get visas out of the way, consider taking out travel insurance and double check that your passport is still valid:
There is nothing worse than that sinking feeling from being told that your visa won’t be ready in time for your holiday. Even worse than that – being turned away, with luggage in hand, at an airport because your passport has just expired. Rather get these out of the way long in advance to have hassle-free travels.

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We hope these tips will help you prepare for your end-of-year holidays. We aim to make your holiday experiences perfect, so take our advice before it’s too late.

Please travel safely and remember to share your holiday pictures with us on social media so that we get to experience your holidays too! We always love seeing our happy members on holiday!

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