Visa partner with South African Tourism

Visa and South African tourism have partnered up which will see the two organisations working closely together to promote the country’s tourist attractions to an international audience.

The campaign that will be run will seek to increase SA Tourism’s existing efforts to promote South Africa as a travel destination for tourists and promote the use of Visa cards by visitors.  

With tourism acting as a major part to South Africa’s GDP, it is vital to place all efforts behind unlocking economic growth in the country.

Visa’s latest tourism outlook reported that South Africa’s tourist arrivals rose to 3% in 2011, as well as the country had an increase in number of arrivals during the first six months of 2012, compared to the same period last year.

Regional Director for Africa at SA Tourism, Phumi Dhlomo, has mentioned that the partnership would see both organizations combining their strengths to promote South Africa as the destination of choice and provide helpful tips for tourists on how to manage their travel expenses safely and conveniently.

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