Travelling on a budget


The festive season has come and gone and wow was it a great time. We hope that our tips on how to make it really festive worked out well!

That said, with the New Year ahead of us, it’s back to our normal routines and for most of us that means cutting back on expenses until our next salary comes in. To make things a little easier, here are some ideas on how to have an amazing holiday in the next couple of months without breaking the bank…

Travelling on a budget:

Fortunately for all of us, a couple of low season/off-peak months lie ahead which means that there are a whole lot of benefits to travelling now. Flights, car hire, accommodation, tours, entertainment and much more will all cost less – not to mention that your chosen destination will be quieter and less congested, which means better access to the best activities while you are there!

Travelling lightly comes with a number of perks from avoiding the cost for overweight luggage when flying, to hiring smaller (and less expensive) vehicles, causing less pollution and having more space to take mementos home with you at the end of your well-deserved break.


For those of you that just love cooking, here are a couple of tasty ways to travel for less:

  • First of all, travel with some homemade snacks that are perfectly suited to the journey. Biscuits, biltong, deluxe sandwiches and fruit like apples are pretty easy to eat en route. This will save you the cost of fast-food bought at petrol stations along the way or food and drinks bought on the plane (if they aren’t included).
  • Consider staying in self-catering accommodation where you can shop locally for fresh, in-season food which hasn’t been imported (thus costing less, supporting local jobs and saving the planet at the same time) and have some fun cooking up delicious meals that will cost far less than eating out.
  • Should you get a craving for local cuisine, consider trying out some of the restaurants that locals usually eat at. These are often found in suburbs or smaller towns rather than around the tourist hotspots. These hidden gems also usually have a more traditional and authentic offering!

For the tech-savvy, using free travel apps can save you a whack of money in a number of ways. First of all, you can save the money that you would have spent on travel guides. You can also get vouchers on the apps for restaurants and live entertainment. Otherwise picnicking, taking part in a volunteer programme over part of your holiday to have your trip subsidised, shopping at the cheapest destinations along your trip, using public transport, and travelling with a partner are all ways to travel for less.


Saving money before you travel:

Open a dedicated savings account
This is one of the most effective ways to save money for great holidays. As we all know, waiting until you get the holiday bug, and then using whatever money you have in your bank account to pay for it, can cause major problems if any unexpected expenses arise. Save for your holidays methodically.

If you do decide to book a holiday on a whim, make sure that you don’t get charged any penalties for negative account balances as you don’t want to be spending money on anything but a holiday! Also, download your bank’s app onto your phone, so you can plan and budget during your trip. This will help you to keep track of your balance, do internet banking and make transfers if need be.

The good old change jar
We just heard you laugh! Yes, we know having a jar or piggy bank for loose change is outdated – but it works! You can even decorate the jar or piggy bank in a way that describes your holiday – helping you to save, and it will look great, getting you excited for your holiday every time you look at it. Just make sure you can’t take any money out of it on those rainy days – as you might regret this. 😉 You could even add a few notes to the jar or piggy bank each time you’re in the holiday spirit. 😉


Get everyone saving
You’ve heard the saying – ‘Many hands make light work.’ Well, the same thing applies to saving for travel – the more you encourage other friends or family members to save, the more activities you can take part in during your holiday. Maybe even make everyone a change jar (as mentioned above) so that they can save money in the same way. Then make a game out of it – whoever saves the least has to buy a round of drinks when your long-awaited holiday arrives. Sounds fair, right? 😉

Reduce your electricity and water bills
Due to the fact that there is a huge water crisis in SA at the moment, most of us are making efforts to reduce our water usage already – but what could motivate you to save harder than an upcoming holiday? Firstly, take note of how much you are paying for water and electricity at the moment… and then start changing your habits and routines to reduce your consumption. Switching lights (that aren’t required) off and having quick showers are easy ways to do this. Now compare your previous bills and put the balance (what you’ve saved) towards your next amazing holiday.


We hope these tips help you save as we want you to have the best experiences possible!

Please travel safely and share your holidays with us on social media!

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