New Year’s Resolution – Travel More

With the silly season now over and some great new memories to hold onto, what’s 2019 got in store for us?

We hope you loved the delicious recipes that Chef Sam shared with you in our last blog, we certainly did… SCRUMMY! So, some of your friends and family have probably told you what their New Year’s resolution is for 2019. Maybe it’s to help out at a charity, empty clutter out of their home, see more of their friends or even eat more greens 😉… Well, this is our suggestion for a great resolution: Travel more!

There’s something magical about visiting your favourite places or exploring new ones and you can do this with your favourite people or alone if you feel like some peace and quiet. You might not have heard this but medical studies have shown that people who travel more live longer… really! Before you say people that travel are the ones with money for medical care or good quality nutrition, these studies compared top earning people, some who chose to work throughout the year and others who took holidays and the people who chose to take a break somewhere cool generally live for 3 years longer! Crazy. It seems that a real break does more good for our health than we knew – and who likes getting sick or burnt-out anyway?!

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Let’s plan for our healthy resolution. Are we going somewhere new or to an old trusty – our home away from home? Now’s the time to book to make it happen otherwise we might procrastinate and we all know that a week turns into a month and before you know it – the year is gone and you didn’t get to do the travelling you’d hoped for.

Travelling really is an investment. Think about it. Memories, rest and great health are all super valuable and lots of the happiest people are backpackers who don’t have loads of possessions or money in the bank. They love meeting new people from different cultures or backgrounds, experiencing new places and getting to know themselves better in all of these environments. If you were getting on in years, would you love to have albums filled with cool holiday pics or a photo of a better car? Will you really think back fondly about all the time spent at home watching TV?


Let’s get this year right with a great holiday or two! Cut back on a couple of things and make those magical memories come to life! Are you going to try for a longer holiday or maybe a long weekend somewhere nearby? Maybe you can even fit in two long weekends away?

South Africa’s known for great weather but probably the best time of year across the country has to be autumn. It’s warm and usually not windy, the days are normally filled with blue skies (perfect for outdoor activities and entertainment) and you can also explore with the benefit of less hustle and bustle by going out of peak season (getting better deals when eating out, cheaper accommodation and a whole lot more. For the best deals, you can join Vaczone where members get up to 50% off their main meal at 1000 restaurants across South Africa!!! As trying out local food is such a BIG part of travelling, these massive savings make it easier to travel for longer (and to eat out more 😉. Plus, all that money you didn’t use out of your holiday’s spending allowance can go towards your next amazing getaway – meaning another magical time away will be that much sooner!


Places we love in autumn include Cape Town with less congestion on the roads than in December, it’s easier to get into great restaurants and the famous landmarks are all less busy (plus, the weather is just stunning 😊). Relax on Clifton’s famous beaches, shop at the V&A Waterfront or watch a Kirstenbosch Summer Concert before the end of March.

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Next up on our dream list of must-visit places is the Garden Route. If you haven’t been before, this unspoilt stretch of South Africa’s coast is one of the most unique places on earth. Super conveniently located for a great time are Knysna Chalets and Knysna River Club which are within walking distance of great restaurants, the lagoon (of course!) and Knysna’s amazing activities like boat cruises, hiking and so much more.

If Bushveld is what you’re after, we recommend Gethlane Lodge and Waterberry Hill in Mpumalanga 😊. This time we’d suggest going a little later in the year for slightly cooler daytime temperatures, possibly June or August. Have fun watching wild animals, splashing around the pool or dining on some hearty meals. From Waterberry Hill, it’s just a short drive to get into Kruger National Park – another must-visit destination which you could tick off your bucket list, if you haven’t been before, thanks to this New Year’s Resolution 😊 and money you’ve saved through Vaczone.


Make 2019 a year worth looking back on with big smiles thanks to one or two great holidays! Now’s the time to make it happen and it’s all up to you; no one else is gonna do it for you 😉.

Let us know which cool places you are hoping to visit in 2019 and don’t forget, holidays are the best medicine, maybe even better than eating your greens 😉!
‘Til next time,


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