Become A Braai Master In Minutes


Even the best braai masters need a tip or two to stay on top of their game. Below are some braai tips to assist you in becoming the ultimate braai master

Always ensure your braai grid is clean by rubbing it down with half a raw onion or lemon when the braai grid is heated. Not only will you look like a pro in front of your mates, this also adds a little bit of flavour to the meat you cooking.

There’s a specific order when cooking braai meat. Chicken should always go on the braai first as this takes the longest to cook and your steak should be left till last as this is usually the quickest to cook. Between the two different kinds of meat, you can throw on some wors, chops or whatever else you are braaing.

Never mess with another mans braai! All guys have their own way of braaing, so when you’re not the master braai chef for the evening rather stay back and enjoy your beer.

 When braaing your meat always have braai tongs in the one hand and a drink in the other – all genuine braai masters need only one hand to flip the meat.

Once you’ve cooked some of the meat and need to put the next batch on, rest the cooked meat on some fried onions. This will ensure that the meat doesn’t dry out and it adds some great flavour to the meat as well!

Avoid defrosting your meat! A true braai master will always choose fresh meat over meat which has been sitting in the freezer!

True braai masters never leave their braais unattended, not even to refill their drink! To avoid this problem place a cooler box near the braai, or alternatively you can always designate one of your mates, who owe you a favour, to the fridge for the night.

If you’ve ever had an issue with your mates getting out of control when it comes to helping themselves to your drinks, try turning your washing machine into a top secret cooler box. Fill the machine half way with ice and place your beers in there. By the time the braai is over the ice would’ve melted and can even be used to do your next load of washing!

Wors is notorious for bursting open on the braai, resulting in the wors losing all its tasty juices and eventually drying out. To prevent this from occurring, dip the wors in water just before cooking it. This helps make the skin on the wors more elastic and will prevent it from bursting open during the braai.

The last and best tip for every braai is always to make sure you have great friends, plenty to drink and great meat. Do this and you will be the ultimate braai master!

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