Memorable moments

Hi Flexi Club

I have so many memorable moments through you, there’s one where I caught my first fish three years ago at Club Mykonos on the jetty with a hand line, and when my father goes with us to Club Mykonos and we walk around in the resort he can clearly remember all the units he and my late mother occupied, and all the activities they did together as this was her favourite resort. That is also why Club Mykonos is very close to our hearts.

We are very energetic people so we do a lot of activities like swimming, canoeing, boating and of course the old time favourite fishing around the resort, but one of the best energetic experiences I not too long ago was at Dikhololo in June. Not only were we close up with the wild animals, but we also went paint balling too! Wow was that a painful experience, but it was so exciting and I would definitely go back there for more unusual wild experiences.

Thank you!


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